As gentle, as perfect, as beautiful and as durable as possible…this is marked by a definite signature



Akit is dedicated to perfecting his practice of dentistry to ensure you have the best possible dental care.
During your consultation, he will provide with you all the information, offer you the choices and advise you on which treatments may be suitable allowing you to make the decisions. It’s that simple. His passion is mirrored by how he has evolved as a clinician with exceptional philosophy, reputation and clinical excellence.


The synthesis of art and science. Ingenious design solutions are chosen for their quality, durability and final finish. Utilising advanced techniques, research and evidence based concepts it is possible to restore, rehabilitate and enhance the health, appearance and condition of the mouth. Akit understands the recipe for creating a natural looking tooth replacement – how colour, light influence, surface texture and material each play their part. There is no single piece of technology that offers the answer, just absolute attention to detail, so that everything is right.


Akit works in close partnership with leading dental laboratories and dentists who have specialised in every field of restorative dental care. Joint teamwork allows for seamlessly connected innovative care without limitations. They all have a common goal of providing the highest level of care to achieve best result possible.


Success has a simple formula: do your best and people will love the results. With careful planning and sequencing of treatment, each treatment can be made in a predictable fashion. The skills and expertise mastered by Akit enable him to manage either simple or more complex cases, to the highest standards, as benchmarked by the clinical results he sees every day.


Each dental practice features a unique sense of style and ambience that will make you comfortable and awaits your dental experience. Treatments are carried out in a painless, relaxed manner with a friendly, caring and gentle approach to meet your every need. This is a personalised service for the individual and effective sedation techniques are available to make you more comfortable during your time.

After care

The focus of prevention forms the basis of all treatments, to enhance your teeth and restorations long-term in a stable way. Prevention is more effective than cure, which lies at the heart of everything he does.

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