In restorative dentistry the treatment is designed and created for each individual patient, and it is therefore not possible to give a precise indication of the fees.

The cost of initial consultation inclusive of x-ray imaging is £150 – £155 depending upon the practice (set fees by each practice). An initial diagnosis, explanation and treatment solutions will be made for you. If your situation is more complex, then you will be recalled for further diagnostic investigations prior to formulating a more advanced treatment plan. Additional costs will be explained at your first appointment. Should you wish, an invitation for a case discussion is available at no additional cost.

All treatment plans are confirmed in writing explaining the nature of the proposed treatment, outlining the costs and payment terms. Estimates are always sent before any treatment is commenced and require a signature to confirm acceptance.

If you would like to read more information about a new patient assessment, please see treatments available.

If you would like an initial consultation, please contact Akit Patel via email info@akitpatel.com or web form.

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