The Lab

The artists behind the scene. The success of restorative treatment depends on the close collaboration between the dentist and the laboratory technician involved in making the restoration. Extreme precise manufacturing skills working to finite details are required to create the picture with a thousand words. Akit’s special relationship with the laboratories has been fostered to ensure that he is able to provide the very best level of treatment to his patients.

Boutique labs sit within state-of-the-art premises and have been carefully chosen, each specialising in their own dental technology in providing aesthetic technical solutions. The laboratories continually integrate the latest computer and pressable technology with the classic hand skills of its artisan technicians to produce custom-made, highly-crafted restorations to reproduce nature.

Working in close partnership with Labs… Everyone works attending to detail.

Akit is able to involve the technician in all stages of the patient’s treatment, from the initial diagnosis, through shade taking, to designing of provisional and final restorations. To offer you the best solution, the laboratory will be selected depending on the requirements of the final restoration design. A custom shade matching is an integral part of aesthetic procedures.  For restorations at the front of the mouth, patients meet with the ceramist in a natural light setting to carefully create the correct colour formulation. Restorations are then designed and fabricated for the patient with his/her individual characteristics and aesthetic needs in mind.

The British Bite Mark schemeEach of the labs are members of The British Bite Mark scheme to assure patients that all restorations are manufactured in the UK and are compliant with all UK medical devices regulations. A statement of manufacture as per European Union Directive can be provided upon request.

For further information about the laboratories and to view examples of the work, please contact:
Lab 39, SPM, Byrnes, Lodge, Oakview Restorations, SJL and SDL.


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