We have to put all the pieces together to make a diagnosis and to determine the treatment that will most appropriately meet the needs of each patient. The information provided by modern investigations is far more than we have previously available enabling more imaging magic and new creative options using new and reimagined design tools.

Some of the investigations offered include:

Study models

study models

Diagnostic models are a re-creation of the patient’s mouth, with an accurate representation of the teeth and supporting tissues. Precise impressions capture these structures. These models once placed within a jaw simulator provide a way to study how the bite behaves and the jaw joints. Equally important to the successful creation of a thorough comprehensive treatment plan that assures patients long-term stability, is elimination of functionally (bite) induced problems. In addition, esthetic needs and wants of the patients are addressed.

Study models form the first building blocks on which the whole case is based, requiring precision from the very start to eliminate errors at each stage, designing and manufacturing stages.

Diagnostic wax-up

diagnostic wax-up

Teeth are built up in wax using high spec waxing methods, resulting in the most finely made shapes. This process allows everyone to fully visualize the true restorative needs of the patients, to assess the appearance and biting form. In fact, it is probably the greatest working tool. By gathering current information from the initial exam, the integration and assimilation process begins. In some ways the process is like assembling many pieces into a completed jigsaw puzzle, only the goal of the diagnostic wax-up is to help develop a unique, complete treatment plan.

Visualise the end result and then work backwards

Periodontal (gum) assessment

Periodontal (gum) assessment

If you suffer from periodontal disease (gum disease), you may require an in-depth gum to tooth space (pocket) analysis and further tests to help us treat you more effectively. There is increasing evidence that periodontal & oral disease is linked to systemic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes and that there may be an increased risk of contracting these diseases if your oral health is poor. There are also increased complications with implant treatment in tissues are unhealthy. Hence the importance of ensuring that any disease in your mouth is treated effectively and your oral health is well maintained to a very high standard.

Healthy foundations form the basis of long term successful support for restorations

Digital X-ray imaging

Digital X-ray imaging

To evaluate disease and jaw architecture for implant surgical planning the latest digital x-ray equipment is used to provide faster more convenient 2D and 3D images with less radiation and maximum information output. Akit works with dental specific CT scanners and Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists for essential acquisition and interpretation of radiological images.

The information acquired during CT scans contain not only the immediate area of dental interest but also information about surrounding oral, head and neck structures. Using CT scan software, you and Akit are able to view the scan and any actual rehearsed treatment.  You, the patient are able to understand more fully any planned treatment and further enhance your dental experience.

We are now able to see the jaws in three dimensions, in full 360 circle, in colour and black & white capturing visual information to form the puzzle

Digital photo and professional design software

Digital photo and professional design software

Clinical images are captured using digital SLR cameras, macro-lenses and optical ring flashes and form part of patient clinical records. Photos are used as an aid memoir for case planning and to assist in any diagnostic work. With just a click, Akit can apply processing and editing adjustments to correct colour and shape.

As with wax-up techniques, all adjustments are nondestructive, you can revert back from the changes at any time or restore your original master images

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