What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a manmade replacement root, mimicking as closely as possible the natural tooth.

implant is made from surgical grade titanium alloy

Dental implant

The implant is made from surgical grade titanium alloy, which is both extremely strong and biocompatible with living bone. It is placed into the jaw bone under the gums, and used to support a fixed replacement (like a crown or bridge) or to stabilise a removable prosthesis (like dentures).

Dental implants have rapidly grown in popularity since they were first placed in Europe in the mid 1960s. Today they are seen as an ideal option for people in good general oral and medical health who have lost a tooth or teeth.

5 top reasons why have dental implants?

  1. Aesthetic solution
    Implant treatment can offer replacement teeth that look and feel just like your natural teeth, thereby improving your self-confidence in an elegant and attractive way.
  2. Tooth preservation
    There is no need to drill neighbouring teeth to accept bridgework. Healthy tooth substance remains intact. It is not necessary to use one implant for each missing tooth.
  3. Bone preservation
    Dental implants transmit chewing forces to the jaw bone, which help to strengthen and stabilise the natural bone itself, and can preserve the integrity of your entire facial structure.
  4. More to enjoy
    They can be used to help stabilise difficult dentures. Being able to speak and smile with total confidence and eat whatever you feel like without embarrassment or discomfort are reasons why more and more people are opting for dental implants.
  5. Proven quality
    Akit services and maintain the major implant systems. However, he exclusively places Straumann dental implants.  Straumann is no.1 global market leader in the manufacturing of dental implants.



Can I have implants?

With only a small number of absolute contraindications, the vast majority of the population are, therefore, able to benefit from this exciting and effective treatment.

Do they work?

Dental implants offer a highly researched, predictable, conservative and elegant method of replacing missing teeth. Scientific studies show that implants placed into healthy mouths have a high success rate (90-95% over 15 years).

Does implant treatment hurt? Can I have implants?

With only a small number of absolute contraindications, the vast majority of the population are, therefore, able to benefit from this exciting and effective treatment.

Patients experience very little discomfort after implant surgery. Often, there is less pain than from an extraction. Any discomfort can usually be managed with simple over the counter painkillers for a few days.

What is involved?

Initial assessment – an initial consultation is required to determine your needs and the ways in which these can be realised. Suitability for implants will be discussed to be sure that you are able to make an informed choice as how to proceed. Implants are one way of replacing teeth. There are very few cases in which implants are not suitable.

Implant placement – the implant is placed below the gum to provide a strong replacement. This is carried out using routine local anaesthetic (dental injection) and if you prefer under conscious sedation. It subsequently fuses painlessly with the bone. If required a temporary tooth replacement is provided during the healing stage.

Implant restoration – after a healing period of about 6 weeks (this can be longer in select cases), arrangements are then made to have the replacement teeth or prosthesis fabricated in the laboratory using conventional or digital restorative techniques.

Implant maintenance – They do not require any more special attention than natural teeth. Optimum hygiene increases the life span of the complete restoration and therefore you may have to visit the hygienist regularly for cleaning maintenance.

Straumann dental implants

If you would like to see clinical cases of implants, please view the gallery.

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